Saturday, 28 June 2014

17 Years of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

It was 17 years ago since JK Rowling first published First book of Haary Potter, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone on June 26 1997. 17 years and Harry Potter will always be my Fav book, will always be in my heart.. I just wonder how it fell to be 12 publisher that turn down Harry Potter, they must be really disappointed knowing that Harry Potter will be so this LEGENDARY!
Moral of the day : never give up even we meet so many obstacle in life!

Firts chapter of the very firts book :

Celebrate 17 years of Harry Potter, I've got stamp book collection of Harry Potter.. So kind of my friend came home from US bring me this.. ^^


  1. Widih >_< Langsung di bawa dari US ya? Pengen juga T.T

    Btw, tante Thessa, tulisannya itu bukan firts, tapi first :D

    1. Iyaa, alhamdulillah dibawain temen, seneng banget.. ^^

      Yaampuun kebiasaan bgd nih aku typo n ga teliti. Makasi udah d ingetin yaa