Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reviews by Thessalivia | weRead

WeRead tells bout Theraphy by Sebastian Fitzek

No witnesses, no evidence, no body: Star psychologist Viktor Larenz's twelve-year-old daughter, Josy, who had suffered from an inexplicable illness, has vanished under mysterious circumstances during a visit to her doctor, and the investigation into her disappearance has brought no results. Four years later, Viktor remains a man shattered by this tragedy. He has retreated to a remote vacation cottage on a North Sea island, where a beautiful stranger named Anna Glass pays him a visit. She claims to be a novelist who suffers from an unusual form of schizophrenia: all the characters she creates for her books become real. While writing her most recent novel, Anna has been tortured by visions of a little girl with an unknown illness who has vanished without a trace, and she asks Dr. Larenz to treat her. Viktor reluctantly begins therapy sessions with the stranger, but very soon these sessions take a dramatic turn as the past is dragged back into the light. What really happened to Josy? Do Anna's delusions describe Josy's last days? And is Larenz a danger to himself and others?"Therapy" is an absolutely gripping psychological thriller, an intelligent, fast and furious read that will stay with you for a long time after you have followed Viktor into the depths of his own psyche, and have figured out who Anna Glass really is.

I wrote my first review bout dis book in WeRead
Reviews by Thessalivia | weRead

can't stop reading till i finish it.. Can't stop guessing bout d end of story, unpredictable.. Good book!

What a plain review. hahaha..

I read dis book when I was in Solo last year, alone in my room. When i already read half of d story, It become a little bit scary, so I finished my read in my friends room. I dunno cuz it's in me, or dis book do look scary. I don't even like d book cover, it fears me.. *lebay mode on*

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